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    About FieldTurf

    FieldTurf is the company that invented and perfected long-pile, infilled artificial turf. The company that changed the industry.

    FieldTurf was developed and engineered for athletes, by athletes. The company that changed the way athletes view “artificial turf”. Before FieldTurf, natural grass was considered by many to be the best solution for sports fields around the world – even though it required constant maintenance and could not withstand heavy use. FieldTurf’s inventors were not trying to create a better artificial solution, they were trying to replicate natural grass. The development was built around one question:

    “Can we make synthetic turf that is equal to or better than the best natural grass?”

    In seeking the answer to this question, we worked closely with athletes, former players, coaches, trainers, and doctors. Development included years of trials, tests, samples, equipment innovations and advanced formulas – all with the goal of developing an artificial turf system that combined the performance properties of natural grass with the benefits of a synthetic solution. It worked.

    The FieldTurf Difference:

    Cost Analysis
    Check out our unique Cost Calculator which will provide you with an estimated cost for your field as well as the significant savings you obtain by choosing FieldTurf.

    These statistics will impress you. FieldTurf has more fields that have lasted 8 years or longer than all other companies combined.

    Proven Safety
    Only FieldTurf’s fields have undergone real-life, third-party studies which have been published. Two studies, published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that FieldTurf is as safe or safer than natural grass in most key areas of player safety.

    All-Weather Playability
    FieldTurf’s patented production process coats the turf in a manner which locks the fibers into the backing, and leaves it 40% porous, for the best draining, all-weather surface.

    Industry-Leading Warranty
    Only FieldTurf offers an insured warranty with $32 million aggregate coverage, with no deductible, giving our customers absolutely peace of mind for the life of their field.

    The OMNIA Partners program makes it that much easier for you to purchase your sport surfaces, installation & related materials:

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