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    Fisher Scientific

    Lab Supplies & Distribution Services

    For additional information: 

    • Contact your Fisher Scientific or OMNIA Partners sales representative for more information 
    • If you don’t know your sales representatives, email OMNIAPartnersFisherScientific@thermofisher.com OR request contact information

    To get started, follow these steps: 

    Step 1Register for a free OMNIA Partners account.  

    Step 2Sign up for a free Fisher Scientific account (if you don’t already have one).  

    Step 3: Download the Letter of Intent (Word document), complete and sign. Return the completed form to OMNIAPartnersFisherScientific@thermofisher.com or your local Fisher Scientific sales representative. Note: The signed Letter of Intent is not necessary for K-12 public sector entities. 


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    Fisher Scientific Cooperative Contract

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