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    About COMDATA®

    Comdata Inc., a FLEETCOR company, is a leading provider of innovative payment and operating technology that drives actionable insights from spending data, builds enhanced controls, and positively impacts its clients’ bottom lines. The company partners with more than 30,000 businesses to better manage $55B in annual fleet, corporate purchasing, payroll, and healthcare spending, making it one of the largest fuel card issuers and the second largest commercial Mastercard provider in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee, Comdata employs more than 1,300 professionals across North America.


    The Comdata Fleet Card is the single card solution for diesel fuel. It’s accepted at over 8,000 locations and comes with enhanced reporting and spending controls, plus 24/7 driver support and online account management.
    The Comdata Mastercard is the first “dual-card” introduced to the US market. This comprehensive fleet card program offers true universal coverage, along with numerous added-value features. We focus on what matters most to fleets, including features like broad acceptance, real-time controls, and guaranteed discounts/savings.


     The Comdata Mastercard program provides the following key features and benefits:

    • Universal acceptance: The Mastercard® Network offers the most extensive card acceptance possible at fueling stations:
      • Acceptance at more than 167,000 fueling stations in the U.S.
      • Acceptance at approximately 8,000 truck stops in our proprietary Comdata Network.
      • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging site acceptance. The card is widely accepted at retail charging sites, which makes it easy to find places to charge…anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Cardholders can choose the participating agency’s preferred charging app and method of choice, and the Comdata Mastercard can be loaded as a payment option within the smart phone app (wallet) in most cases.
      • Acceptance at the nation’s largest CNG and LNG stations, usually through the proprietary Comdata Network.
      • Acceptance at thousands of unattended commercial card locks in our proprietary Comdata network, including all Pacific Pride, Quick Fuel, and hundreds of CFN network locations.
      • Direct relationships with hundreds of mobile fuel providers who process billing of deliveries through the Comdata system.
      • Affiliation with more than 400,000 vehicle maintenance locations that accept Mastercard in the U.S.
    • Single card platform with dual network processing (Mastercard & proprietary Comdata Network): With a single card solution, transactions process either through the Mastercard network for most fuel purchases, or through the proprietary Comdata network for purchases at large truck diesel fuel lanes.
    • A variety of savings opportunities: Comdata wants to help you get the most favorable pricing available for your particular business situation. That’s why we offer a variety of cost savings scenarios, including:
      • Discounts on OTR diesel fuel purchases at truck stops.
      • Ability to negotiate large merchant-funded discounts, especially at truck stops.
      • Rebates on Mastercard-processed transactions.
      • Discounts via the Fuel Consortium/Retail Savings Network.
      • Ability to design your own custom discount network.
    • Card security controls: Our advanced card technology provides customizable controls to meet your needs.  We offer state-of-the-art authorization, including our Enhanced Authorization Controls for enforcing transaction limits and preventing fraud, and our new Fuel Proximity Program. 
    • Flexible fuel card setup options (driver card or vehicle card) and dual component authorization. Customers have a choice of setting the program up with either vehicle or driver cards, which both authorize, capture, and track purchases by vehicle, or driver, – whichever best meets the needs of the business. 
    • Fraud management solutions: Comdata offers a holistic approach to fraud management, with revolutionary high-tech methods for detecting and pre-empting attempts at fraud and misuse.  All transactions are evaluated in real time by a robust fraud management detection system that leverages machine learning, artificial intelligence, and rules-based technology to identify suspicious patterns and send fraud alert notices to fleet managers and other authorized personnel. Comdata’s newest offering, Enhanced Authorization Controls (EAC) allows customers who have both a Comdata card and service with selected telematics vendors to define approved geographic parameters for purchases. 
    • Comprehensive reporting: Comdata Mastercard provides a rich assortment of both standardized and custom reports through its online iConnectData system. More than 100 reports have been programmed and are readily available to support our customers’ various lines of business.
    • Account Management: The iConnectData.com system is a comprehensive and robust web-based system that is maintained to current technology and security standards. Fleet managers can utilize iConnectData for all their ordering, account management, and reporting and documentation needs 24/7. 


    For public sector agencies, non-profits, and other tax-exempt organizations, Comdata will provide tax-exempt fuel billing. Customers can access fuel invoices that are exempted from allowed federal motor fuel excise taxes via the billing portal. Exempt billing is a service that saves money and time, while providing important documentation for tax-exempt fleets.


    Governments are leading the way into the quickly expanding EV market, and many governments and municipalities have already begun purchasing EVs both as replacements for retiring vehicles and as vehicles of choice for fleet expansion. Comdata understands that adding electric vehicles to fleets brings a new set of challenges over traditional internal combustion engine fleets and requires corresponding new benefits when it comes to fuel card programs. 

    In addition to assuring broad acceptance at charging stations and providing special pricing arrangements for electric vehicle fleets, Comdata has developed a solution that delivers universal EV charging payments and connected-vehicle analytics capabilities for fleets across the U.S. A connected vehicle portal application provides tremendous value, allowing fleet managers and other authorized parties to view and monitor all charging events for enrolled vehicles, including residential (Tier 1) charging events. Currently in the works at Comdata is a plan to provide EV-specific reporting needed to support the unique needs of EV fleet managers. This includes data to facilitate employee reimbursement for home charging.

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