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    Fuel Card Services & Related Products


    Does the complexity of managing a government or public sector fleet while monitoring compliance and documentation keep you up at night?

     Do tight budgets keep you and your fleet under scrutiny for every penny spent?

     Are you looking for a way to track expenses and reduce administrative hassles?

    If you answered “Yes” to one or more of these questions, the Fuelman proprietary fleet card includes a special program just for fleets like yours. Developed with municipal, government, and other tax-exempt fleets in mind, the Fuelman Public Sector card offers all of these benefits and more:

    Fuelman Network:  Enjoy the convenience of acceptance at 50,000+ stations nationwide in the Fuelman Network. Drivers can use the mobile app to quickly find locations.

    Card Security Controls:  Advanced card technology provides customizable controls to meet your needs – like the ability to create and manage driver and/or vehicle profiles and turn cards on or off in real time from your account dashboard.

    Fraud Management Solutions:  Reduce the risk of fraud and misuse with Fuelman’s advanced technology. All transactions are evaluated in real-time by a robust fraud management system.

    • System utilizes machine learning, artificial intelligence, and rules-based technology to identify suspicious patterns and send fraud alert notices to card program administrators.
    • System includes the ability to implement geographic restrictions/rules to block transactions in states known for having high levels of transactions with counterfeit cards. 
    • Some areas offer Enhanced Authorization Controls (EAC) for customers who have telematics devices from selected vendors installed in their vehicles. Administrators can define approved geographic parameters for card use and then intercept and stop suspect transactions by declining the sale or stopping the pump. 

    Fuel Tax-Exemptions:  Fuelman tax-exempt billing saves money and time. Fuel billing for tax-exempt fleets can automatically include the exemption from allowed taxes. This includes the ability to exempt state taxes in certain states that allow FLEETCOR to file refund claims.

    Reporting & Tracking:  The Fuelman Public Sector fleet card provides reports that can help you better manage fuel expenses. Our effective, actionable reporting is easy to read and monitor, with exceptions flagged by driver and/or vehicle. Managers can easily track fuel expenses by driver and vehicle, eliminating the need for cash advances, manual expense reports, and paper receipts.

    • We provide 100% Level 3 reporting with excellent product code accuracy.  All fuel acceptance sites process with Level 3 data, meaning they prompt for a Driver ID (PIN) & odometer reading before fuel can be pumped.
    • Fuelman utilizes advanced product mapping technology, which allows the system to report fuel product Program administrators can see what drivers purchase by fuel type and manage exception reporting with confidence in the fuel grades reported.
    • We make electronic transaction files available for integration to accounting or third-party ERP systems. Both email and FTP file delivery are available.

    Account Management:  Get multi-tiered support for your fuel card program, including an online account management tool. The online application provides an easy-to-use system for managing vehicles, ordering cards, setting up driver IDs (PINs), and accessing reporting at your convenience, 24/7.

    Bulk Fuel Solutions: For public sector fleets with onsite bulk fueling operations, we offer comprehensive consigned fuel and memo tracking solutions.

    Fuelman’s strong relationship with the stations in our vast network translates into convenience and savings at the pump. Our advanced technology gives you the security you need to manage loss prevention and the data you need to manage your fleet efficiently and cost-effectively. Don’t settle for just a fuel card – get a total fuel management solution for your fleet with Fuelman.

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