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    Fuel Card Services & Related Products

    FLEETCOR is a leading global business payment company that simplifies the way businesses and public sector agencies manage and pay their expenses. Our FLEETCOR cooperative contract provides fuel cards services and payment solutions to public sector agencies. When organizations choose FLEETCOR cooperative contract through OMNIA Partners, they will receive savings and value that goes beyond costs.

    About FLEETCOR®

    Mission: Creating better ways for businesses and partners to pay their expenses.

    Vision: Every payment digital, every purchase controlled, every decision informed.

    Values: FLEETCOR’s culture reflects our history of rapid growth and our continued drive for results. Our entrepreneurial spirit remains strong across our global workforce, and we reinforce these principles in our five core values of Innovation, Execution, Integrity, People, and Collaboration. 

    The FLEETCOR portfolio of brands helps companies and public sector organizations automate, secure, digitize, and control payments on behalf of their employees and suppliers.  The firm’s solutions include fuel (fleet) cards, purchasing cards (“P-cards”) that include corporate cards for travel & entertainment, E-Payables (virtual cards), tolls, and lodging.

    FLEETCOR is one of the largest fintech payment companies in the world, processing billions of transactions each year in over 80 countries.

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