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    Playground Solutions

    Modern City

    Modern City is inspired by the architecture of great cities around the world. With towering steel uprights, suspension bridges and multiple climbers at varying degrees of difficulty, Modern City is a fun and challenging play system for children who want to take play to the next level.

    Virginia Tech University

    We worked with the team at Virginia Tech to create an outdoor fitness space that accommodates users of all skill levels. The THRIVE 900 fitness system provides 20 training stations that can be used by multiple users at once, and each station is adaptable for users of varying strengths and abilities. We also included a custom trapeze trainer for additional and advanced training. 

    Crescent Harbor Park

    Sitka is a lovely fishing village in Southeast Alaska. This bayside park experiences nearly 250 days of precipitation each year, but that doesn’t dampen the spirits of children who play at the new custom, inclusive playground at Crescent Harbor Park.