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    Playground Solutions

    Environmentally Responsible Play Systems that Last Decades, Not Years.

    For nearly a century, we’ve created products that are made from responsible materials, manufactured in a sustainable manner and designed to be easily reclaimed at the end of their life cycle. 

    With more than 125,000 individual parts moving through our 400,000 square foot manufacturing facility, even the smallest steps towards greater environmental efficiency can help us make a very big difference.

    The Right Materials

    We think sustainable products are products built to last. That means choosing materials that have the lowest possible impact on the environment that can also withstand the physical demands of playful, active children and years of changing weather conditions. 

    GameTime products use some of the world’s most durable and recyclable materials, including aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and steel.

    Responsible Sourcing

    We work with our suppliers to source the most environmentally preferable materials for our products – and our processes. When possible, we also make every effort to find opportunities to work with vendors and suppliers in our local communities to minimize the carbon output associated with transporting materials. 

    Recycled Content

    More than 93% of materials in our products contain recycled content, and our products are 100% recyclable.

    Saving Energy, Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

    We’ve reduced energy consumption in our manufacturing facility by 41% since 2007 – the equivalent to carbon sequestered by 1,849 acres of U.S. forests a year. 

    Conserving Water

    Every drop of water counts. Since 2010, we’ve reduced our water consumption by approximately 1,000 gallons each year.

    Eliminating Waste

    Decreasing waste – and increasing the volume of material we recycle – is one of our biggest opportunities to make a big impact on our environmental footprint. In addition to using material that already contains recycled content, we also make every effort to reduce waste associated with our manufacturing processes. Today, the vast majority of waste at our manufacturing facility is recycled, including 100% of manufacturing process waste like scrap metal, rotationally molded plastic and paper. We’re also working to recycle the majority of our administrative waste, too.