Turnkey Roofing & Waterproofing Solutions

Partner With Garland/DBS for Customized Roofing and Waterproofing Solutions

Garland/DBS, Inc. offers customized solutions for all your exterior roofing and waterproofing needs regardless of size, complexity or budget. Our process starts with identifying your requirements as a public agency or non-profit, inspecting your roof and exterior waterproofing systems, and assessing their existing conditions. We use the information gathered to identify and recommend solutions based on your performance expectations.

Full Support

Aside from manufacturing a wide variety of high-performance roofing and waterproofing materials, Garland/DBS has trusted industry partnerships that allow us to deliver any type of roofing or waterproofing project through the Master Agreement while consistently providing the following support services:

  • Qualified local trade contractors to competitively bid the labor
  • Material selection and planning
  • Specification assistance
  • Coordination of professional engineering services
  • Installation services from qualified local contractors
  • Quality control, project management and oversight
  • Close-out assistance and long-term warranty protection

Turnkey Services

For total project delivery, our turnkey service can also include:

  • Only the use of qualified local contractors or your agency’s preferred contractors
  • Non-roofing related trades (e.g. masonry, windows, walls, doors, etc.)
  • Sustainable roofing solutions such as vegetative or energy-generating systems

Material Only

Garland/DBS offers the following complimentary project management assistance throughout the project for material only purchases:

  • Pre-bid meeting support: walkthrough of the project, explanation of the technical specifications and assistance in answering technical questions
  • Pre-construction conference assistance: facilitate discussions on the topics of schedule, staging, sequencing, safety and security, etc.
  • In-progress quality assurance inspections: observing the project at key points to assure the specifications and manufacturer installation guidelines are followed as well as assistance resolving discrepancies and issues should they arise
  • Close-out inspections: post-job inspections to make certain all quality standards have been met and all work items have been completed
  • Long-term, leak-free warranties: an agreement to be a partner with the public agency or non-profit to achieve their long-term expectations for the completed systems’ performance

Asset Management

To standardize the management of your roofing and exterior waterproofing systems, Garland/DBS will customize an online roof management system to fit your organization’s specific needs. Our Dry Zone® Program services include, but are not limited to:

  • Wide scale inspection and assessment services across your facilities and locations
  • Targeted general housekeeping and preventive maintenance services
  • Timely leak response

Dry Zone® is a customized Building Envelope Management Program that ensures you are deriving the most value and performance from your investments, minimizing the future costs of repairs and postponing the costly expense of facade and roof replacements.

Emergency Preparedness

With advance planning, Garland/DBS, Inc. can help get your facilities back up and running as quickly as possible when disaster strikes, minimizing damage to the interior contents of your buildings and reducing disaster-related disruptions. Services include a roster of first-responder contractors who are pre-qualified and licensed to work in your area.

Key Solutions:

  • Disaster readiness planning meeting
  • Pre-storm staging of assessment teams
  • Pre-storm roster of on-call contractors
  • Pre-storm repair materials staged and ready
  • Post-storm assessment of immediate repair needs
  • Post-storm emergency repair
  • Post-storm long-term planning

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