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    Elements IQ™ Podcast: Composting Complexities:

    This episode features GP Research Scientist Peggy Hoks and GP PRO Director of Sustainability Strategy John Salvador, each answering pressing questions about composting … from “What is composting?” to how operators can enhance their approach to composting products.

    Elements™ IQ Podcast: Responsibly Sourced Fiber:

    For many the idea of cutting down trees creates feelings of unease and conflicted thoughts. GP PRO readily recognizes how forest products are used to meet so many needs in our lives and yet we are concerned about deforestation and the other negative impacts of irresponsible forestry. In this ElementsTM IQ podcast we discuss deforestation, the importance of responsible sourcing, and fiber certification with Bobby Maddrey, Manager of Global Sustainable Forestry for Georgia-Pacific.

    Elements™ IQ Podcast: Paper Recycling Podcast:

    From towels for drying hands to sensitive documents, paper is crucial. So, how can society make paper more sustainable? Recycling is one important component. This podcast episode details GP’s long history of recycling starting in the early 1930’s and discusses current initiatives to improve recycling effort