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    Georgia Pacific

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    GP PRO brings you coordinating, touchless restroom solutions, now available to participants of OMNIA Partners on multiple competitively solicited and publicly awarded cooperative contracts through your favorite distributor! Automated, touchless dispensing solutions can help promote hygiene and safety—and boost patron confidence. In fact, 68% of people say seeing touchless dispensers in public restrooms makes them feel an establishment is more hygienic.*


    So, how germy can air dryers be? 

    When it comes to providing the hygiene patrons expect, and the cost-controlling waste reduction and efficiency you require, GP PRO’s portfolio of dispensing solutions delivers. This affordable, coordinated line can help you demonstrate your commitment to patron health and safety. Your one source for Hygienic solutions with countless benefits for facilities. Now offering select no charge dispensers for qualifying OMNIA Partners participants for a limited time through August 31st. To learn if you qualify, connect with a Representative.