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    Help Hands Stay Healthy and Clean

    Get cleaner hands, faster with this bio-based soap for schools. PURELL HEALTHY SOAP™ with CLEAN RELEASE® Technology removes more germs than regular soaps. You’ll also get a dispensing system that is reliable and easy to maintain. PURELL® ES8 dispensers are touch free without the hassle of battery swap-outs. Find out more by checking out the resources below.

    Showcase your high standards for Hand Hygiene throughout your school

    Now more than ever, people expect visible cues that cleanliness is a priority - research indicates that 84% of adults expect to see hand sanitizer offered in public places and 77% expect that hand sanitizer to be the PURELL® brand1.  So, when students, faculty, and parents see the PURELL® brand, they know they’re in a high-quality facility that’s prepared for any situation.

    Download this resource to meet the moment with VISIBLE HYGIENE™ in your school.

    The Importance of Safe, Effective Hand Sanitizer in Schools

    The widespread availability of inferior and unproven products has led to the concerns about safety, and effectiveness against germs. Visit the GOJO® Blog to learn about common problems and simple solutions related to providing safe and effective hand sanitizer in schools, so you can reopen and stay open for in-person learning. GOJO® USA Blog: Is Your School’s Hand Sanitizer Safe? Is It Being Used?​​​​​​​

    1.Results based on a nationwide online survey of 500 individuals conducted in January 2021; MR#006-102.


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