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    As staff and personnel return to in-person work environments now and in the coming months, GOJO is here to help as you prepare your facilities to welcome these individuals back. Making hand hygiene and surface disinfecting products available where they are needed, such as in shared public public spaces or when entering and exiting buildings, will significantly increase the likelihood of use and remind everyone to be mindful of hygiene best practices. In addition, making a trusted brand available in prominent locations can have a dramatic impact on how people perceive your facility.

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    Is Your Hand Sanitizer Safe and Effective?

    During the pandemic, some turned to unsafe practices to overcome hand sanitizer shortages. With the return of stable supply and the withdrawal of the FDA temporary guidance, it is critical to identify hand sanitizers in your inventory that will no longer be compliant or that don't meet current standards. Here are some helpful resources to help you learn about the latest laws and guidance on hand sanitizer safety. 

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    PURELL® Surfaces Disinfectant and Sanitizers

    Get powerful germ-kill without harsh chemicals with the PURELL® brand's revolutionary surface disinfecting and sanitizing products. Our wipes and sprays have a unique alcohol-based formulation that's designed to be mild and worry-free as it works to quickly eliminate bacteria and viruses on the surfaces you touch most. 


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