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    Job Order Contracting (JOC) Services

    Building and operating a functional facility depends on smart planning. Our solutions help you develop strategies to manage your physical assets and get the most from your operating and capital budgets. Comprehensive data and analysis provide the insight needed to create a prioritized, actionable improvement plan and accurate budgets.

    Assessment and Planning

    • We can help you get your facilities investment plans on track and create sustainable results with multi-year capital plans and prioritize project selection.
    • This new approach to the traditional FCA provides you with the tools to strengthen the business case for facilities reinvestment and align project selection with institutional goals and financial realities. The first step to reaching your facilities goals starts with a comprehensive technical assessment. 

    ROPA (Return on Physical Assets)

    • Establish clear communication and action-planning across your organization.
    • With our Return on Physical Assets (ROPA) solution, we’ll work with you to establish an analytical framework for decision-making to be certain your choices are founded on objective data and tied to historical and peer performance.
    • As your trusted long-term partner, we’ll be by your side with decades of industry experience and unbiased perspective to guide you through these critical business decisions.

    Strategic Capital Planning

    • Establish a baseline assessment to focus on the most important campus issues to develop an effective short-and long-term plan.
    • Develop a portfolio approach that will allow a focused investment based on the institutional strategic direction.
    • With our Strategic Capital Planning solution, we will assist in building a strategic scenario for various funding models.
    • By prioritizing and planning first and assessing buildings as they become relevant to the plan, each dollar gets to stretch further.

    Designed for Higher Education

    • Sightlines Campus Sustainability
      • Designing and implementing campus enhancements that nurture a culture of environmental responsibility
      • Quantifying sustainability performance across a broad spectrum of indicators
      • Benchmarking your efforts with those of peers and best in class institutions
      • Reporting on successes and identifying areas requiring increased focus
      • Making strategic recommendations that align sustainability, facilities and business objectives
      • Meeting reporting requirements of programs such as the Carbon Commitment, STARS, Sierra Club and Princeton Review
      • Communicating sustainability needs and progress to senior leadership
      • Fort Lewis Reaches for Campus Sustainability STARS and Catches Them | Gordian