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    Liquidity Services Operations LLC (GovDeals)

    Auctioneer Services

    The GovDeals system is built for all levels of government agencies. From a large state government to a small-town department, we can help you sell your surplus! Just a few of the types of agencies we assist are:

    Higher-Ed & K-12:

    With nearly 3,000 clients at the university and k-12 level, GovDeals understands the complexities of school budgets, programs, and disposal methods. We have proven success in assisting our education clients with finding the right buyers for their items. 


    State, City & County Level Government:

    We have nearly 8,000 clients at the city, county, or state level, including utility companies, public authorities and hospitals. GovDeals prides itself on staying knowledgeable of the different rules and processes between cities and states and we have regional representatives on hand who know your local area laws and can help you navigate through the selling process.


    Fire and Rescue & Law Enforcement Agencies:

    Almost 3,000 fire/rescue and law enforcement agencies across the US have adopted the GovDeals solution to sell their retired fleet vehicles, emergency vehicles, and confiscated items. We appreciate the delicate nature of some of these sales and can assist our clients in selling to the general public, or in selling to a restricted buyer base, such as other fire departments or police stations only. 




    Contact Information

    Email: salessupport@govdeals.com

    Phone: 800-613-0156