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    How do I contact Grasshopper to learn more?
    To speak with our team, dial 888-239-6384 or email omniapartners@grasshoppermower.com 

    What products are offered through the mower contract?
    We offer a lineup of zero-turn mowers and all-season implements and accessories for year-round grounds maintenance and renovation. Visit Products & Solutions to learn more.

    Can public agencies lease mowers as well as purchase?
    Public agencies may lease mowers. We contract with a third party leasing company and supply options based on the contract price. 

    How does Grasshopper handle shipping/pickup/setup fees?
    Shipping/pickup/setup fees are included in the terms of the contract. Dealers should not charge additional such fees on the OMNIA Partners contract.

    What about parts and service? 
    Your success is our number one priority. A nationwide network of factory-authorized dealers support the sales of Grasshopper products and provide parts and service. A specialized parts order system can be customized for the government entities.

    How can I get a demonstration of your products?
    Nearly 70 factory representatives and field support staff cover all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands and are equipped to conduct on-site demonstrations. In addition, our authorized Grasshopper Dealers are also available to demonstrate our products.

    What is the warranty on your mowers?
    Grasshopper True ZeroTurnTM mowers are warranted as follows:

    • 100V Series limited 2 year/500 hours commercial 
    • 200V Series limited 2 year/800 hours commercial 
    • 200/300/400 Series limited 3-year commercial 
    • 600/700/900 Series limited 3-year commercial 

    Are diesel mowers a good investment?
    Grasshopper has led the industry in diesel power having introduced the first diesel-powered lawnmower in 1983. Today’s diesel engines burn cleaner than gasoline or propane and use about a gallon of fuel per hour. Gasoline consumes 1.65 GPH and propane 1.80 GPH. Using diesel power can reduce fuel consumption by 600 or more gallons per year based on 1,000 hours of mowing. Additionally, diesel engines produce more torque than their gasoline or propane counterparts. This additional torque lets you power through heavy or wet grass quicker, allowing you to get jobs done faster, letting you get more done in a day.

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