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Grasshopper Implements and Accessories

The QuikConverter™ Implement System makes it easy to remove the deck and add PTO-driven implements that take advantage of the Grasshopper power unit’s powerful engine. This design leaves only one engine to maintain compared to purchasing and maintaining multiple single-purpose machines.

Having only one engine to maintain reduces maintenance, training, labor and parts inventory. The zero-turn maneuverability of these grounds maintenance systems pays off in time and labor savings.

Choose professional-quality implements for aeration, blowing leaves, dethatching, edging, moving dirt and gravel, spraying, and sweeping sidewalks and parking lots. Snow removal implements include dozer blades, rotary brooms, snowthrowers and V-plows. A metal fully-enclosed winter cab enclosure can be added to protect the operator from the cold winter elements. 

Several implements mount to the mower taking advantage of the zero-turn maneuverability and increasing the productivity of your FrontMount™ mower well beyond the cutting season.

Productivity Solutions for FrontMount™ Models

  • AERA-vator for coreless aeration that leaves no cores to clean up. Available in 40- and 60-inch sizes.
  • Dozer Blades with choices of 48- and 60-inch widths that angle 25 degrees left or right. 
  • Rotary Brooms available in 48- and 60-inch widths. Manual or powered versions that angle 25 degrees left or right or straight ahead.
  • Snowthrowers available in 48- or 60-inch widths. These single-stage units will throw snow up to 30 feet.
  • The Turbine Blower with rotating blower nozzle generates up to a 150-mph air velocity to move large piles of debris.
  • The 60-inch V-plow makes quick work of cleaning sidewalks by moving snow in two directions at the same time eliminating the need for a second pass.
  • Fully-enclosed Metal Winter Cab protects the operator from the elements. Joystick control mounted on the steering lever provides full control of the Snowthrower, Rotary Broom, Dozer Blade or V-plow from the comfort of the cab.

Productivity Solutions for MidMount™ and FrontMount™ Models

  • Edge-EZE™Edger mounts on either side of the mowing deck to maintain clean, sharp edges along sidewalks, roadways and driveways while reducing trimming and edging time up to 75 percent.
  • Shielded Sprayers double or triple spraying efficiency by delivering a fine mist on vegetation even in windy conditions thanks to the spray shield. Available in 132-inch (FrontMount™ only) and 53-inch widths.
  • Sunshade Canopy shields the operator from direct sunlight and reduces eye strain. Available in lightweight, water repellent and UV-resistant vinyl or diamond-plated aluminum. Easily mounts on the ROPS.
  • Tine-Rake™Dethatcher mounts on the front of the deck and uses spring steel tines in a unified raking motion to remove large amounts of thatch. Available in 46-inch and 60-inch models. Combine with our PowerVac™ Collection Systems to dethatch and pick up in one pass.

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