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    The Grasshopper Company is committed to supporting state and local government agencies, schools and higher education, and nonprofit organizations through customer service and dependability. Grasshopper provides grounds maintenance solutions including a wide selection of True ZeroTurn™ mowers that accept several all-season implements for a perfect year-round grounds maintenance machine.

    Features that Make Grasshopper a Dependable and Smart Investment
    • We are a worldwide manufacturer of Grasshopper zero-turn mowers
    • Grasshopper mowers meet ANSI B71.4 and OSHA 1928 standards
    • Gasoline and diesel-powered mowers are CARB and Tier 4 Final-compliant
    • Grasshopper mowers can be customized with an array of engine choices, deck sizes, implements and accessories to meet the needs of our customers
    • Durable, extra-deep, reinforced anvil-edged DuraMax® cutting decks are available in a variety of sizes from 41 to 72 inches
    • The same cutting deck converts from discharge to DownDischarge™ mulching or vacuum collection without the added expense of dedicated decks for each method of clippings management
    • Dedicated rear-discharge decks are also available to keep clippings off sidewalks and parking lots and out of flower beds to reduce clean up after mowing
    • PowerVac™ Collection Systems pick up clippings and debris and deposit them into rear-mounted collectors ranging from 8- to 5-cu.-ft capacities
    • Proven, dependable implements extend the usefulness of Grasshopper FrontMount™ power units for year-round productivity. Implements include snowthrowers, turbine blowers, brooms, aerators, sprayers, etc.
    • Powder coat paint provides a durable and lasting finish
    • A specialized parts order system can be customized for the government entities
    Support for Your Organization
    • We have distribution channels that have been in place for over 40 years and we understand the challenges with handling contracts all over the U.S.
    • Grasshopper has 61 field reps located across the U.S. who are trained on Government and Fleet business
    • These reps are all equipped to provide on-site demonstrations of our product
    • We have a team of professionals that work directly with the sales force and a distribution channel that understands and works closely with our Government customers
    • A large network of authorized dealers support the sales and distribution of Grasshopper mowers. Look for a dealer near you.
    • Our local dealers are prepared to handle parts and service for our customers
    • Grasshopper maintains a fleet of trucks delivering to our dealer network throughout the U.S. Products come crated and the dealer performs set-up and pre-delivery inspections before delivery to the customer.
    • Government customers that do their own service work can order directly from the factory reducing downtime plus enjoy increased efficiency in parts turnaround and take advantage of bulk parts discounts

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