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    Grasshopper mowers are a great investment. Their quality and performance are second to none in the turf industry. They are built to last and are easy to maintain. While there are many combinations of models to choose from, there are a large number of common parts that help to keep training time and expenses low and parts inventory down. Grasshopper mowers are easy to operate, and are designed with many built-in comfort features that reduce fatigue to keep operators alert all day long.

    • Compared to conventional steering-wheel designs, a Grasshopper zero-turn radius mower can save 30-50% mowing time
    • Design-matched hydraulic transmissions using Grasshopper Cool Temp Hydro-Max™ hydrostatic fluid can run 1,000 hours between transmission oil changes – up to three times longer than many competitors' mowers
    • Grasshopper design-matched hydraulic drive systems allow more power to be applied to the cutting decks in order to get jobs done faster while delivering professional results
    • The exclusive PowerFold® feature on FrontMount™ decks raises the front of the deck to a near vertical position for easy cleaning and blade replacement
    • Grasshopper diesel mowers, running on clean diesel fuel, burn cleaner than propane- or gasoline-powered mowers while consuming up to 50 percent less fuel, have more torque to mow through heavy grass faster and emit fewer greenhouse gasses than propane mowers
    • FrontMount™ decks easily reach under trees and low-hanging obstacles to reduce the need for secondary trimming
    • Mowers are easy to maintain with easy access to components and fewer grease points than other mowers
    • Grasshopper is committed to many environmental initiatives including power coat paint, and many manufacturing processes to reduce raw material consumption, maximize recycling and reduce material waste. Mowers are delivered with sealed and maintenance-free batteries

    Grasshopper has earned the Equipment Dealers Association’s Dealer’s Choice award in the outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer category two years in a row (2015 & 2016). This award evaluates manufacturers in areas of technical support, parts availability, warranty procedures, marketing and advertising support, and manufacturer response to dealer needs and concerns.

    Grasshopper Cobranded Flyer