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    Graybar Electric Company, Inc.

    Electrical, Lighting, Data Communications and Security

    Electrical Products and Services

    • Electrical: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale electrical supplies such as, but not limited to:
      - Conduit, Wire, Boxes, Fittings, Devices, Enclosures, Fuses, Power Distribution and Control and Related General Electrical Materials
    • Lighting: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale lighting products such as, but not limited to:
      - Lamps, Ballasts, Fixtures, Controls, all related Lighting and LED Products

    (please reference EV2370 Appendix B-1, & C for Pricing/Cost details)

    Value Added Services: Assessment, Repair, Renovation, Installation, Testing, Inventory, Emergency, Training and other related services.

    Related Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO) and Other Products: A complete and comprehensive offering of related wholesale MRO and other products to support agency-specific needs

    Communication/Security Products and Services

    Data / Communication, Networking & Wireless: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale data/communication, networking, and wireless supplies such as, but not limited to:
    - Networking & Wireless, Copper/Fiber Cabling, Connectivity and Termination, Power Backup & Power Protection, Racks, Cabinets and Enclosures, Raceway, and Wire-Way

    Security: A complete and comprehensive offering of wholesale security products such as, but not limited to:
    - Cameras, Monitoring, Entrance Protection, Fire, and Intrusion

    (please reference EV2370 B-2, & C for Pricing/Cost details)


    Graybar can provide services to support the design and installation of any project using products sold through the contract. Services include but are not be limited to:
    - Assessment, Engineering to support contract products, Analysis, RetroFit, Installation, Repair, Emergency and Integrated Services to support the products we distribute through our contracts.

    Typical Projects Include:
    - Lighting & LED, Energy Management & Power Distribution, Start-Up & Commissioning, Repair & Retrofit, Test & Certification, Power Conditioning & Back-Up, Data Center & Technology Upgrades, Security, Wireless, Systems Integration & Testing.

    • Services will be provided through established relationships we have with existing suppliers, contractors, integrators or agency preferred companies.
    • Costing for these services are set at a Not to Exceed Cost Plus 26%.
    • Pricing will be determined by the size and scope of the project and level of Graybar's involvement.
    • For auditability purposes, Graybar will provide a copy of the invoice to verify compliance with the Not To Exceed benchmark and all pricing will be negotiated with the agency prior to acceptance of purchase order.

    (please reference EV2370 Appendix C for Pricing/Cost details)

    Emergency Preparedness Solutions

    When disaster strikes, be prepared with Graybar

    While disasters or emergencies are not something we like to think about, the reality is they happen — and Graybar is prepared. We have the locations, processes and products available to assist our public agencies in the event of an emergency or disaster. As a leading distributor of electrical, lighting, data/communications, networking and security products, Graybar helps its customers power, network and secure their facilities with speed, intelligence, and efficiency. Graybar can quickly provide the materials necessary in an emergency situation to set up command centers, power-up shelters, set up security systems, repair or replace damaged electrical. lighting and communication systems.


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    Contact Information

    Email: omniapartners@graybar.com
    Phone: 877-765-8326
    Fax: 314-573-0704


    City of Kansas City Contact: 
    Keely Golden, CPPB
    Procurement Manager
    Email: keely.golden@kcmo.org
    Phone: 816-513-0812