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    How do I place an order with Haworth?
    Haworth’s extensive network of certified dealers will design, order, and install products throughout North America. For product specification, pricing, and services, you may contact us by:

    Email: OMNIAPartners@haworth.com  or call 800-576-0943 to place your order
    Your request will be forwarded to Haworth’s local field sales person and/or dealer within 24 hours

    What products and services are provided under Haworth’s cooperative contract?
    All of them. In addition to products, our services such as design, installation, and project management are now included as a dollar amount rather than a percentage. This provides ease of calculation in estimating the service costs required to successfully complete your project.

    How do I find a local Haworth dealer?
    You can find your local Haworth dealer by using our dealer locator. Certified Haworth dealers are certified to represent Haworth’s complete offering of interior solutions. 

    What are Haworth’s pricing options?
    Haworth is the only furniture supplier on contract with two pricing options – multiple award and sole source discounting. Our multiple award discounts offer competitive pricing to the agency that would like to purchase Haworth products as well as keep the option to purchase from other furniture suppliers. For those agencies that commit to purchasing all of their interior solutions from Haworth, we offer our sole source discount structure. Your commitment to purchase Haworth’s complete offering of interior solutions provides a more economical purchasing solution.

    What is the discount advantage of sole source pricing?
    There is approximately a 2% advantage in discounts off list for sole source pricing. To purchase using Haworth’s sole source discounts, a signed Haworth participation form is required. This indicates you agree to purchase all of your interiors solutions products from Haworth. 

    What are Haworth’s shipping terms?
    Haworth’s shipping terms are  CPT (Carriage Paid To) for the continental U.S. and Canada, and CIF (cost of insurance and freight) for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

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