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Your emergency is Herc Rentals' emergency. No matter what the disaster may be, Herc Rentals specializes in getting you back up and running following a disaster. Herc Rentals' specialized fleet of pump, power, dehumidification, debris removal, air quality control and drying equipment is always primed and ready to be deployed to impacted areas.

Expertise Extends Beyond Equipment

Herc Rentals disaster recovery features a fully-trained team of remediation and recovery experts who are available to customers around the clock. These teams are strategically placed throughout North America and can be mobilized at a moment's notice.

Instant Response Remediation Vehicle

This vehicle is loaded with the right equipment for all your remediation, restoration, and portable cooling needs. Don't wait for disaster to strike. Set up your disaster plan today.

Climate & Remediation Center

Herc Rentals reacts quickly and efficiently to any disaster ― large or small scale. By having fully dedicated facilities to house specialized equipment and on-site experts, Herc Rentals has positioned itself to be able to provide immediate support for water or climate remediation stemming from natural disasters and other catastrophic events.

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 Herc Rentals Emergency Equipment

Herc Rentals Emergency



Disinfectant Solution
Herc Rentals offers airless high production sprayers to disinfect and protect

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