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“Due to inclement weather, we haven’t had power at our Charlestown Elementary School or our school bus garage since last Wednesday. We also haven’t had school since last Tuesday due to the snow so everyone wanted us to open. On Friday, when it appeared that we may not get our power back by Monday, Rich Krumrine, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, suggested we call Herc Rentals and see what they could do under the U.S. Communities contract. Over the weekend, they delivered a large generator for the school and a smaller one for our bus garage so that we could have school today. For a contract that I didn’t think we were big enough to use, they really bailed us out today."   

Chuck Linderman, Director of Business Affairs
Great Valley School District; Malvern, PA 




Disinfectant Solution
Herc Rentals offers airless high production sprayers to disinfect and protect

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