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At Herman Miller, we believe great products are based on great thinking. That’s why we work tirelessly to understand people, their needs, and their goals. It helps us consider the broader context of their workplaces.

Often, our research process transcends products and leads to valuable insights that not only help our business, but more importantly, yours. Conducting extensive research has driven us to original solutions since 1960. Sometimes, research manifests the constraints by which we design. Other times, it produces the insights that foster ideas that help people succeed in what they do. Whatever the result, what’s clear is that research helps lead us to new places—with meaningful results.

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Workplace Strategies Report

Lori Gee, VP of Client Workplace Performance, Herman Miller discusses returning to work post Covid-19



Embracing A New Reality

Need help assessing return to work strategies? Herman Miller provides industry insights on best practices


Make Spaces with Overlay 

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