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    Homeland Language Services

    Language Service Providers and Related Services

    Our Services

    We guarantee the high quality of our services thanks to the meticulous onboarding process our HR team conducts. Our future language specialists must have a University Degree or equal experience background. They must pass an  English Proficiency Test, target language proficiency test,  Medical Training, Legal training, HIPAA compliance training, Protocol Training (general rules and/or client’s guidelines), and Role Playing. 

    Many of our interpreters are Legal, Medical and R&D certified. They come with an extended background in Literature, Finance, Technical, and Science. Many of them gain certifications from international language assessment institutions (ALTA, IELTS, CEFR, CPE, Universities). In addition, they have to go through a background check.

    Over-the-phone Interpretation

    OPI is the easiest way to connect the professional interpreter on the call. OPI interpreters help our clients during the calls with the limited-English speakers from the beginning to the end of the conversation. They can work anytime and anywhere with the help of OPI technology.

    On-site Interpretation

    Our expert linguists can provide high-quality face-to-face interpreting services. We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpretations. We can help you choose which language service best suits your request.

    Video Remote Interpreting, Including American Sign Language

    VRI is the best format of language services nowadays. Healthcare providers, schools, and even businesses moved towards online technologies with video and audio support. VRI makes life easier for limited-English speakers and the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing people.

    How to schedule appointments

    Our Aqua Scheduling System sends notifications to the HLS Project team via email and text messages. Interpreters are also notified and they can rapidly assign themselves to the appointments. Video Remote Simultaneous Interpreting works for large live events like conferences, workshops, etc. Our clients can schedule their meeting(s) using our online platform.

    Translation Services

    Our translators offer authorized translation services in more than 100 languages. Official HLS translators have expertise in medical, legal, government, business, and social industries, that’s why they offer accurate and culturally appropriate translation services. HLS has a robust team of highly experienced translators from all over the world.

    Thanks to our meticulous recruitment process, HLS is able to provide a high level of excellence from experienced linguists in a variety of fields of expertise.

    Contant training, assessment, reliability and fast turnaround is what makes us the best option for your translation needs.

    Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART)

    HLS provides CART services, which are used to convert speech to text. Our system works as a real-time speech-to-text converter, in order to serve those who are hearing impaired and/or deaf. HLS’ CART services are also ideal for individuals who are learning English or speak it as a second language. Thanks to our CART services our clients can be confident that no one is left behind while supporting equal access to communication and knowledge; and preserving privacy, confidentiality, independence, and participation.