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    Threat Protection, Information Protection and Cyber Security Services

    Insight Public Sector has partnered with Symantec to provide an array of Security Solutions to the public sector. By using the Insight Public Sector competitively-solicited OMNIA Partners contract it assures you of Insight and Symantec's best overall government pricing on our broad portfolio of products and IT service solutions.

    Protecting Public Privacy

    Public agencies are face ever-growing internal and external security threats. Safeguarding data privacy, uncovering risks and complying with best practices is more important now than ever. Symantec helps agencies:

    • Comply with best practices
    • Discover vulnerabilities
    • Reduce risk
    • Protect constituents

    Protecting Sensitive Data in the Digital Era

    Technology transformed the way public agencies receive and store sensitive personal data and enable access to key services. This makes them a target by those seeking political, social, and monetary gain. Agencies must protect data and respond quickly and effectively when breached. Symantec's automated risk management and compliance solutions help to:

    • Align priorities across security, operations, and compliance
    • Prioritize remediation
    • Enable secure migration to software-defined data centers
    • Support continuous assessments and monitoring

    About Symantec

    Symantec protects the Cloud Generation through our Integrated Cyber Defense Platform, the industry’s most complete portfolio for securing cloud and on-premises environments. We support 15,000 enterprises in taking full advantage of cloud computing without compromising the security of the people, data, applications, and infrastructure that drive their business. Our advanced technology portfolio is powered by the world’s largest civilian threat intelligence network, enabling us to see and protect against the most advanced threats.

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    Internet Security Threat Report

    Internet Security Threat Report

    From social media vulnerabilities to digital extortion, the 2016 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report leverages an unparalleled amount of data and is the resource you need to quickly uncover digital threats.

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