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    Technology Solutions

    Insight offers EMC's full portfolio of products and solutions to the public sector through the OMNIA Partners Coop.

    • Converged Infrastructure - States, Cities, Counties, K12 and higher education institutions all achieve better outcomes, faster, with EMC's portfolio of Converged Infrastructure platforms. Take a look at Vblock, VRack, and VxRail today. EMC Converged Infrastructure Details
    • Storage - No matter the use case, or the state, local, K12, or higher education demands, EMC data storage systems help you do more, move faster, and perform better. EMC Data Storage Details
    • Data Protection - Helping you redefine data protection with availability, backup, and archiving technologies you can trust. EMC Data Protection Details
    • Security - Through visibility and analytics, RSA solutions give you the ability to detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats; confirm and manage identities; and ultimately, prevent IP theft, fraud, and cybercrime. RSA Security Details
    • Content Management - Create efficiency through automated case management processes, in the courts, criminal justice systems, human and social services, and more. EMC Content Management Details

    Dell offers a comprehensive, enterprise-wide portfolio of solutions - including hardware, software, and services. Customers can rely on Dell and Insight Public Sector for a broad range of capabilities. Dell has moved beyond PCs and well into the data center, addressing challenges across the full IT ecosystem.

    Dell's differentiated approach (to eliminate unnecessary cost and complexity everywhere) combined with the Dell design philosophy (to deliver a superior total ownership experience across the full technology lifecycle) enables customers solve complex challenges-with highly capable solutions designed to be as open, modular, and scalable as possible.

    Why is this important? This gives customers the most flexibility down the road to adapt to future requirements, to be more agile in response to changing market dynamics-and more quickly capitalize on new opportunities. In short, Dell builds future-ready technology solutions that give customers a competitive advantage.

    Designed to be agile and responsive to change

    Enterprise solutions for the future-ready data center

    • A future-ready data center:
      • Transforms with customers' organizations
      • Bridges the gap between traditional IT and new IT — customers get the most out of existing IT investments while freeing up resources to invest in new capabilities
      • Delivers data center solutions with the scale, speed and savings that organizations demand
    • Dell offers servers, storage, networking, software, services and solutions that help customers become more agile and efficient.

    Client solutions for the future-ready workforce

    • A future-ready workforce is:
      • Armed with the right technology and IT support to be more efficient and the insights needed to create new ways of working and serving customers
      • Seamlessly and securely connected to information they need when and where they need it to collaborate and make better/faster decisions
      • Enabled with beautiful, innovative devices they are proud to carry and designed specifically for the way they work
    • Dell offers tablets, laptops, desktops, workstations, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), software, and services to help organizations enable their workforce to be more connected to the resources and data they need.
    • Dell solutions unite the data center and end-user, providing information access to the right people, while protecting organizations in the most secure ways possible.

    Dell Storage

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    Dell & Windows 10

    Engineered together and deployed by industry experts — learn more about what's new with Windows 10 and it's partnership with Dell.

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