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    Thinkpad® T460S
    Designed for globetrotting professionals, the ThinkPad T460S combines functionality and portability without compromise. Sleek, light and tough enough to withstand the rigors of travel, this Ultrabook features a 6th generation Intel processor with vPro technology for impressive performance. Thanks to seamless connectivity with any network or device, the T460S lets you stay connected whether you're around the office or around the world.

    X1 Carbon
    Ultrathin. Ultralight. Ultratough. For the average Ultrabook™ these attributes may sound like a contradiction. But the new X1 Carbon is far above average. It features a carbon-fiber reinforced chassis & passes durability tests in extreme environments. Plus, it delivers more than all-day battery life, includes faster, more powerful storage performance, & has innovative docking options available, including wireless.

    This 17.3" mobile workstation is power defined, a beast of a machine perfect for designers, engineers, professionals in the oil & gas industry, and power users who need high-performing CPU and GPU, brilliant color gamut, ISV certification, and insane speed in a mobile device.


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    Get More From Your Servers

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