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    How Microsoft Office 365 will help your organization

    Office 365 U.S. Government provides your organization with the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, on any device with Microsoft's suite of cloud-based business productivity tools. With email, instant messaging, video conferencing and government cloud security, you'll benefit from best-in-class collaboration and communication tools.
    Office 365 for Business
    Office 365, secured with the government cloud, streamlines teamwork like never before. Providing 1TB of storage per user, there's plenty of space for your files. Your team can easily stay in sync with file sharing, multiparty HD video and shared calendars. You'll also benefit from:

    • Verified compliance for major industry standards
    • Built-in enterprise-grade user and admin security controls
    • 99.9% uptime with a financially backed guarantee
    • Reliable upgrades and system support

    Want to the test the benefits of Office 365 with the security of the government cloud? Access the free trial here. Or if you want to learn more about government cloud security check out our newest section here.


    New Enterprise Agreement for OMNIA Partners Insight and Microsoft have worked together to set up a government enterprise agreement specifically for OMNIA Partners registered agencies. Through this agreement, agencies of all sizes will be able to qualify for government-specific pricing with a minimum of just 25 qualified users/devices. All Microsoft software, including all cloud offerings, can be purchased through this agreement. Learn More

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