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    Solutions to manage and store your data

    NetApp® is a leader in building data center solutions to help your organization improve performance, increase efficiency and lower costs. Data center transformation is where NetApp can really make a difference with our scalable storage portfolio and Data ONTAP® operating system. Storage is a critical aspect to an effective infrastructure. Organizations can use NetApp as an effective solution providing a competitive edge to drive down costs and improve client services while using data to make better decisions.
    Today’s storage solutions must be unified and simple to manage and they must also provide an efficient indexing and retrieval capability to eliminate duplication while maximizing physical storage capacity. NetApp solutions can help wireducing costs and becoming energy efficient.

    Easily scale to support unpredictable growth

    Your data is growing at unpredictable rates. Our infrastructure offers seamless scalability to meet the changing needs of every department and application— without disrupting operations. Your days of overprovisioning and wasted storage space are over

    Comply with legal and government mandates

    NetApp solutions make it easy to comply with local and state retention regulations. Our data classification features let you automatically tag and move data to the infrastructure that delivers the appropriate compliance requirements. From data permanence, to data security, to auditability, we offer solid, cost-effective compliance solutions.
    To learn more about how you can transform your data center, contact Insight Public Sector.

    • NetApp is the #1 storage provider to the U.S. government
    • NetApp is the storage provider to 40 out of the largest 50 cities in the United States.
    • Hundreds of NetApp employees nationwide are dedicated to the public sector.
    • NetApp’s technology solutions improve data management at all government levels.


    NetApp® Video Surveillance Storage solutions provide an easy way to maintain this data for extended periods of time with limited budgets. Learn More.

    Learn the best practices for developing, funding, procuring and deploying your next technology project with Insight Public Sector and NetApp using the OMNIA Partners contract. Watch the on-demand video.

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