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    Hidalgo County: Public Wi-Fi Case Study


    Hidalgo County in south Texas was facing pressure to complete a Wi- Fi project by Dec. 31,2020 (the deadline for CARES Act Funds spending). The county shortened the procurement cycle by avoiding a full RFP, and instead, they leveraged Insight Public Sector's existing OMNIA Partners contract- saving an estimated four weeks of time.

    The Challenge: Narrowing the Digital Divide at a Critical Time  

    As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept through the country, various regions and demographics have been hit harder than others. Hidalgo County had received critical funding as a part of federal government aid and needed to apply these funds strategically to navigate its most pressing challenges.  

    Each city within the county had claimed its portion of the federal aid to support its citizens; however, residents located outside of city limits had a different set of challenges. Unlike city dwellers, the county's rural population lacked internet access and is generally living on the less privileged side of the so-called digital divide.

    As a result of the pandemic and social distancing guidelines, Hidalgo County needed to embrace both remote work and distance education. But without proper internet access at home, launching these initiatives proved to be a daunting challenge.


    Hidalgo County Public WiFi Case Study

    Hidalgo County Public Wi-Fi Case Study

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