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    Facilities Health Consulting, Quality Assurance, Management, and Additional Products and Services

    The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a growing trend focused on building design and operation to enhance the health and wellness of occupants. In addition to reducing disease transmission risks, healthy building strategies can improve cognitive function, reduce stress, and support wellbeing. Numerous studies, including several conducted by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, have quantified human performance benefits such as improved test scores and reading comprehension, increased speed and accuracy in problem solving activities, and reduced absenteeism. Intertek through the OMNIA Partners cooperative contract helps clients achieve healthier buildings in the following ways:

    • Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a key indicator of healthy indoor environments, and an elevated concentration of pollutants reveals opportunities for improvement. IAQ testing can be used to diagnose problems, guide solutions, and validate the efficacy of interventions. Intertek’s experts develop and implement customized IAQ investigations to address the specific needs of our clients.
    • Optimized ventilation and filtration are central to maintaining healthy indoor air, while maintaining energy efficiency. As a compliment to IAQ testing services, Intertek performs assessment and guides improvement of mechanical systems to optimize IAQ, occupant comfort, and energy performance.
    • The WELL Building standard provides a comprehensive certification of building design and operation to support occupant health and wellness. The WELL Health and Safety Rating gives building owners and occupants assurance that pathogen risk reduction best practices are in place. Intertek has a team of WELL Performance Testing Agents approved to perform WELL performance verification testing and inspection, and WELL Accredited Professionals, Industrial Hygienists and other experts who conduct air quality, water quality, lighting, acoustic and other performance testing in support of WELL certifications.
    • Similar to WELL, the FitWel certification system gives building owners and managers a complete framework for healthy building design and operation. Intertek assists clients with FitWel certification, including performing the required air quality and water quality testing.
    • Intertek performs the post-construction air quality testing required to earn the LEED Air Quality Assessment credit.