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    Facilities Health Consulting, Quality Assurance, Management, and Additional Products and Services


    Intertek’s goal is to provide our customers with consulting, inspection, and testing to assure them that their physical assets are safe, sound, healthy, sustainable and energy efficient. Intertek’s Building Science Solutions (BSS) group is primarily focused on building performance consulting and testing, including enclosure consulting, commissioning, and field performance testing for new construction and existing facilities, as well as supporting indoor air quality, and LEED, WELL Building and other building certification frameworks. With over 160 BSS team members nationwide, as well as a network of testing labs within the Intertek Building and Construction division, our robust engineering and consultancy network provides complete and comprehensive solutions for our clients. In partnering with OMNIA Partners, Intertek is able to provide customers with value and savings and an extensive support network.

    Our diverse team processes numerous disciplines and certifications, including but not limited to, licensed Professional Engineers, Registered Architects (AIA & NCARB), LEED and WELL Accredited Professionals, WELL Performance Testing Agents, Qualified Commissioning Process Providers (QCxP), Certified Passive House Consultants (CPHC), Certified Energy Managers (CEM), Nosie Control Engineers, and Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH).  

    We provide a wide array of solutions for our clients, including: 

    • Health and wellness assessment and testing for indoor environments, supporting COVID-19 safety, indoor air quality, ventilation and filtration assessment and optimization, and WELL Building and FitWel certification. 

    • Energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction in new building design and existing building operations, including energy modeling, energy code compliance, energy audits, and deep energy retrofits. 

    • High-performance building consulting and certification, including LEED certification and other sustainability frameworks. 

    • Climate risk and resilience assessment and consulting, including property condition assessments, guideline development and consulting for new construction and renovations, and inspection, analysis and guidance for retrofits and repairs. 

    • Building enclosure design review, consulting, inspection and testing to ensure air and water tightness in new buildings, major renovations, and existing building maintenance and repair. 

    • Acoustic assessment, testing and consulting to ensure acoustic comfort and address noise concerns. 

    • Environmental testing and assessment for air and water quality and hazardous materials. 

    Intertek offers our clients a featured service under our Protek banner, providing a comprehensive and customized health, safety and wellbeing assurance programs for people, workplaces and public spaces, offerings audits, training, inspection, verification and certification solutions. This includes our Protek Facility Health Management assessment and certification and our People Assurance training platform.