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    Iron Mountain

    Data and Information Management Solutions

    Iron Mountain is dedicated to storing, protecting, and managing your most valuable information and assets. RETHINK how you do business… let us help your organization unlock the value of its potential.

    From the everyday to the extraordinary, you can rely on Iron Mountain to store and secure what matters most. Our skilled Records and Information Management (RIM) experts can help your organization keep up to date with fast paced regulatory changes and transform to a more digital way of working. Our responsibility begins when you entrust your information to us, and doesn’t end until we either return the assets or securely destroy them. As the global leader in storage and information management, we have earned the trust of more than 95% of Fortune 1000 organizations and have maintained our leadership in the industry for 70 years.

    Iron Mountain has a global network with local service. Promoting consistency across media and geographies, we service: 

    • 50 countries on 6 continents
    • More than 1,450 facilities comprising 85 million square feet worldwide
    • More than 530 million cubic feet of hardcopy records stored
    • Over 10 million linear feet of medical records under management
    • More than 89 million pieces of media stored in highly secure data protection vaults
    • Over 225,000 customer accounts and growing daily

    Our full suite of records and information management solutions improve asset management, reduce physical footprints, decrease costs, and streamline operations, while greatly enhancing citizen and student services, and mitigating security and privacy risks.

    Iron Mountain Government Solutions Portfolio

    We offer a portfolio of services to protect customer information across every phase of the information lifecycle:

    The Iron Mountain and OMNIA Partners partnership provides your organization the ability to procure services at discounted prices. This streamlined acquisition process helps organizations save a significant amount of time and money typically allocated to contract production and negotiations. To learn more about all of our solutions for government and educational institutions, visit www.ironmountain.com/publicsector, or to start saving your organization time and money today, see the contact bar below.

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