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    ITC Translations

    Language Service Providers and Related Services

    On-Site & Remote Interpreting

    Simultaneous interpreting: 
    The interpreter translates while the speaker is talking.  

    Consecutive interpreting:  
    The interpreter takes notes while the speaker talks, then she/he translates.  

    Why ITC Is Your Best Option For Interpreting Services

    Tools which can be adapted to your needs with minimal equipment. Secure conferencing tools with embedded security and multiple channels for language selection. 
    Project Management 
    Experienced and professionally trained team: Project Managers, Localization Engineers, Resource Managers, and IT & Technical experts. 
    Interpretation Experts 
    Industry-specific team of professional interpreters who have subject matter expertise and proven experience in remote video and phone interpreting. 
    Audio and Video Services 
    Full suite of A/V services, including transcription, voice over, dubbing, subtitling, motion design, sign language and video integration 

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