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    Translation & Desktop Publishing

    Why ITC Is Your Best Option For Translation & DTP Services

    Selected Linguists 
    The translators in our network meet the following criteria: 

    • Complete command of their native language, into which they translate, and of its linguistic and cultural codes. 

    • Translation experts with a minimum of 5 years of experience. 

    • Specialized in a specific field during their career (e.g., legal, technical, or medical translation). 

    • Each linguist has their own style. ITC will find the perfect match for you. 

    Quality Control 
    Each translation is checked for quality by our project management linguists before being delivered to you. This consists of verifying that the instructions were followed to the letter, checking for inconsistencies, verifying numbers, layout, and formatting, checking spelling and grammar, verifying line breaks and capitalization. 

    Translation Memory 
    A translation memory (TM) is your brand’s ever-growing database of all previously translated content. It speeds up localization processes while maintaining consistency and increasing translation quality. It also helps reduce translation costs.  

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    Why ITC Is Your Best Option For Interpreting Services

    Tools which can be adapted to your needs with minimal equipment. Secure conferencing tools with embedded security and multiple channels for language selection. 
    Project Management 
    Experienced and professionally trained team: Project Managers, Localization Engineers, Resource Managers, and IT & Technical experts. 
    Interpretation Experts 
    Industry-specific team of professional interpreters who have subject matter expertise and proven experience in remote video and phone interpreting. 
    Audio and Video Services 
    Full suite of A/V services, including transcription, voice over, dubbing, subtitling, motion design, sign language and video integration 

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    Additional Services 

    A bilingual glossary is created (using the source and target languages) to list the technical terms specific to your company and to ensure consistent terminology. 

    Multilingual page layout (DTP)
    We handle your document’s page layout, working with all native formats and target languages. Your files are delivered ready to be distributed or printed. 

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