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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I place an order with Jacobsen?

    Orders can be placed with all Jacobsen authorized dealers, or through the local sales representative.

    Where is my closest dealer?

    Your local dealer can be found at: https://www.jacobsen.com/shopping-tools/find-dealer

    Who can participate?

    All registered OMNIA Partners Members can participate.

    Do you lease vehicles?

    We partner with Wells Fargo to offer competitive rates with lease terms that fit your needs.

    What products are available through this contract with Jacobsen?

    We are happy to present all Jacobsen products to OMNIA Partners members.

    What is the pricing and shipping cost for Jacobsen vehicles?

    Competitive pricing can be viewed on our contracts page.

    How do I sign up to utilize OMNIA Partners cooperative?

    You can register at public.omniapartners.com/terms-and-conditions. It is free and should take no more than 5 minutes.

    How can I purchase?

    Simply place an order with your local dealer. Standard terms are Net 30 should no leasing be utilized.

    Are operating leases offered?

    Operating leases are available.

    What lease terms are available?

    Through our finance partnerships, we are able to offer customizable lease terms to fit your needs! Standard terms are 36 months, 48 months, or 60 months.

    What standard options and accessories are available?

    Standard options are available on price pages. Reach out to your local representative or dealer for more information and a better understanding of our vehicles offered through OMNIA Partners.

    Are custom options available? Do you have images to help with ideas?

    We have a custom solutions team in Augusta that are able to offer customizable solutions to fit your needs! Images can be found on our website.

    How can I set up a demo?

    Reach out to your local dealer to set up a demo.

    What specific vehicles are available in Lithium?

    The Eclipse 360 ELiTE lithium ride on reel mower is our industry leading electric triplex mower, more information on this product can be found here: https://www.jacobsen.com/golf-mowers/eclipse-360-elite

    What electrical requirements are needed for standard and lithium battery chargers?

    The Eclipse 360 ELiTE requires either a 220V or 110V outlet and the adapter shipped with the unit

    Are there specific winterization recommendations for your vehicles?

    Routine maintenance included in the operator’s manual, which come standard with each new vehicle or can be found on our website.

    How can I access parts and service manuals for your vehicles?

    Parts and Service Manuals can be found on our website at Find a Manual | Jacobsen or through an authorized Jacobsen dealer.

    What is the warranty on Jacobsen Products?

    A 2-year factory warranty.

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