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    Janitorial Services

    Through OMNIA Partners, the KBS cooperative contract provides public sector agencies with cost-saving solutions that clean, disinfect, and sanitize efficiently and effectively. This cooperative contract provides savings and value that go beyond costs, allowing your organization to reduce procurement time while maintaining healthy operations. KBS provides essential facility services to clients with the highest standards of performance nationwide.

    • The largest privately-held provider of facility services in North America
    • Over 50 years of experience maintaining healthy operations across institutional, government, and educational facilities including K-12, colleges and universities
    • A front-line provider fighting the COVID-19 crisis and in the challenges that lie ahead
    • Process efficiency, technology, and operations at scale that raise standards and lower costs

    Servicing over 75,000 locations and 2 billion square feet, KBS partners with clients to Stay Ahead of the Curve™ and tailor solutions at scale using the latest processes and technologies for healthy operations. KBS anticipates challenges and proactively deploys solutions, creating comprehensive, tailored programs - drawing on decades of experience across sectors – that leverage best practices across end markets and service, and provides ongoing transparency, visibility, and communications

    KBS drives efficiency through innovation and technology. KBS helps solve problems upstream, anticipate issues, and deploy rapid solutions. Through their proprietary KBSForceTM technology, KBS streamlines reporting and delivers decision ready data to every echelon in real time. Facility service programs are driven by proven, proprietary technology and protocols. Science advisory boards and innovation teams set KBS standards beyond the EPA and FDA recommendations and deploy the right products for the right environments.

    Contact us today for more information on how KBS and OMNIA Partners can help provide your organization with customized facility services!

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