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    Maintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO) Supplies and Related Services

    Health and Safety issues are a growing concern in the modern workplace. As products improve, the need for an expanded working knowledge of them increases. 

    Kimball Midwest understands that safety engineered products can save money, and most importantly, lives. As a result, Kimball Midwest Product Safety Seminars have been developed to increase safety and reduce downtime. If your organization conducts any type of maintenance or repair operations, then these seminars are critical, not only to the safety of your customers and personnel, but to the reliability of your agency's work. 

    These seminars convey vital information in an engaging multi-media format. Videos, live demonstrations and printed materials dramatize solutions to your safety concerns. They are directed to anyone concerned with on-the-job safety and quality assurance. 

    Many employers in the United States are required to have Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in the workplace for each chemical or hazardous material they use. SDS give detailed information regarding hazardous chemicals or compounds contained in the product, and precautions to avoid hazards. For customer convenience, Kimball Midwest makes SDS available on our website 24/7.