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    KORE Work Cart Receives Innovation Award

    KORE Work Cart receives 2018 Nightingale Award

    Kimball Expands Xsede Height Adjust and Power Beams

    Kimball Expands Xsede HA and Power Beam press release

    Pep Press Release

    Pep press release

    Helio Press Release

    Helio Press Release

    Crafting an Innovation Landscape

    Crafting and Innovation Landscape

    FiXt Press Release

    fiXt Press Release

    Kimball Announces 2017 Readers Choice Award

    Kimball Announces 2017 Readers Choice Award-1

    Kimball Green for Good Movement

    Kimball Green for Good Movement

    Kimball Launches Canopy

    Kimball Launches Canopy

    The Power of Adaptive Learning Spaces


    Kimball Announces 2018 Readers Choice Award

    Readers Choice Award


    At Kimball International, there is nothing more important than the health and safety of our employees, our customers and the communities in which we operate. As we face this time of unprecedented uncertainty, we have been taking action to proactively safeguard and support our people whose normal way of life is being impacted by COVID-19. Our team is here to serve you and help navigate through this time of uncertainty.


    Kimball Office Furniture & Related Services Awarded UC Contract

    NEW Contract Awarded by the University of California