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    Playground Solutions

    How do I place an order with KOMPAN? 
    Contact KOMPAN at 800-426-9788. You will be matched with a play consultant who will work with you to bring a unique playground with ultimate play value to your community. 
    How do I locate my territory’s sales representative?
    Contact KOMPAN at 800-426-9788.

    My booster club/PTA would like to order equipment. Can they order with you and get OMNIA Partners contract pricing?
    Yes. Any non-profit organization registered with OMNIA Partners may order using any OMNIA Partners contract. 

    How do I get a catalog?
    Contact KOMPAN at 800-426-9788 or visit our website kompan.us. 

    Can KOMPAN alter their playground products to fit the space available? 
    Yes! Our design team will work with you to create the perfect solution for your available play space. 
    Does KOMPAN offer handicap accessible playground equipment? 
    Yes! KOMPAN's sales representatives are considered among the best trained in the industry and are prepared to work with the ADA requirements to help you create an appropriate, interesting, challenging and inclusive play environment without the separation factors often associated with accessible playground facilities. The play environments that we create include spaces that challenge and develop motor skills, allow social interaction, and provide room for exploring with courage and curiosity. 

    What kind of warranty does KOMPAN offer?
    All KOMPAN play equipment is built to last. The KOMPAN Warranty applies to time periods described for each product type (see below). Our LIFETIME warranty is in effect for the lifetime of the product until the product is uninstalled and/or taken out of use. Click here for a list of products and Warranty.

    Where is KOMPAN located? 
    KOMPAN’s North America headquarters are located in Austin, Texas.

    How long has KOMPAN been in business? 
    KOMPAN has been creating innovative outdoor solutions for more than 50 years.

    Transitional Kindergarten in California
    Transitional Kindergarten California
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    Contact Information

    Email: omniapartners@kompan.com
    Phone: 800-426-9788
    Fax: 866-943-6254