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Cliff Rider

Sky Twister

The SkyTwister, Sensory is an intriguing, novel activity-packed play magnet for children. Novel play activities increase retention, and they also increase play value. The Twisted Tower is an intense place to feel wonder, move and make friends. The twisted frame contains a rich variety of puzzling optic effects and climbing, swaying play heights that attract children.

Sky Twister KOMPAN Sky Twister KOMPAN Sky Twister KOMPAN

Themed Play

The Farm sparks dramatic play and social interaction for children from the age of two years. Multiple physical play activities stimulate and develop children’s motor skills and strength. The Barn depicts chicken, hay, a pitchfork, and interactive play panels motivate social play and logical thinking. The steering house of the Tractor offers a variety of tactile activities, supporting dramatic play and language skills. On the tractor, there are several access points, including tires to crawl through plus a thrilling slide, providing many exciting routes to discover.

KOMPAN Themed Play     KOMPAN Themed Play

KOMPAN Themed Play      KOMPAN Themed Play

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