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    Cliff Rider

    The Cliff Rider is all about sharing a thrilling adventure with friends. It truly has it all! It inspires courage, it's brand new, and it provides hours of active, social play for both boys and girls.

    Saturn 4 Carousel

    When children jump on the Saturn 4 Carousel they are in for a thrilling, social, and head-spinning joyride. It can be wild, it can be dizzying, but it can also be calm and a great place to hang out with friends on the playground.

    Inclusive Twister

    The large opening and extra spacious floor make this twister accessible for children of all abilities, even those in wheelchairs.

    Play Timer

    Add the element of competition to children’s play and increase their play intensity and, of course, fun. Using a timer allows children to compete against their friends, which takes play from being fun to being wildly thrilling, especially for older kids.

    Transitional Kindergarten in California
    Transitional Kindergarten California
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