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KOMPAN Organic Robinia playgrounds are eye-catching, elegant, and natural. With a full-service agreement, including design, installation, and maintenance, these natural playgrounds are customizable. They offer small and large features and options for all ages and skill levels. Certified in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council guidelines, our strong, durable, and rot resistant Robinia wood is sourced sustainably, and coated with environmentally safe paint.


KOMPAN’s new army of GIANTS come at a staggering height of 23 or 29 feet. The tall GIANT towers are filled with physical and cognitive play activities from top to bottom, inside and out, designed to challenge and Wow school-age children. The themed exterior with printed panels adds an extra layer of creativity by igniting children’s imagination and desire to play.

Net and Rope
Climbing is well suited for children in school and public playgrounds. Our play equipment challenges the physical skills of children and also provides meeting places where they can socialize. Unique and unlike any other climbing structure on the market, our climbers look fantastic and give kids the opportunity for interactive fun.


KOMPAN offers a variety of playground play structures to furnish your play area. Choose from slides, jungle gyms, fitness structures and themed structures. Our signage can be used to indicate where it is appropriate for certain ages to play. Our play structures and jungle gyms can communicate a welcoming, wholesome environment to your park, playground, or school. 

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