Kompan Inc.

Playground Solutions


OMNIA Partners participants can purchase KOMPAN playground products at the following discounts:

CategoryPercentage Discount
Playground Equipment (i.e. themed systems, stand alone activities, system components)10%
Outdoor Fitness Equipment10%
Site Accessories (i.e. benches, picnic tables, planters, receptacles, bike racks)5%
Related Products (i.e. shades, skate parks, water parks)5%
Service (i.e. installation, design, layout, repair, maintenance, removal, disposal)5%


List Price of KOMPAN Equipment


Additional Volume Discount

$500,000 and over11%

Volume discounts will be applied to the net contract price. For example, an order that includes $210,000 will be calculated by first applying the 10% contract discount for a discounted price of $189,000 and next the volume discount will be applied to that discounted contract price: Ex: $189,000 x .94 = $177,660


All shipments shall be F.O.B destination with freight charges prepaid and listed separately. Actual freight charges shall be added at the time of invoicing as determined and supported by the carrier’s freight bill. Selection of the freight carrier shall be the option of the customer. Estimated freight charges shall be provided at the time of quotation. Additional cost for expedited delivery may be added. 

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Contact Information

Email: omniapartners@kompan.com
Phone: 800-426-9788
Fax: 866-943-6254