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    KOMPAN's sport and fitness products promote happier and healthier communities with unique and innovative concepts and quality materials. As more and more of the world's population moves to cities, communities are becoming increasingly sedentary and access to public space, for physical exercise and outdoor recreation, is decreasing. KOMPAN's outdoor fitness equipment is designed to be motivating, city-friendly, and effective.

    KOMPAN is dedicated to discovering new and better ways to activate urban communities with our outdoor gyms including:

    • Plenty of Support: Just download the KOMPAN Training App when you visit a KOMPAN site, and you can have a location-specific personal trainer right in your hand, including recommended exercises for each piece of equipment, video tutorials, and customized progress tracking, goals, and challenges.
    • Natural Motivation: KOMPAN outdoor gyms have a simple and elegant aesthetic that offers instruction, yet inspire creativity. Cooped up city-dwellers will love this open-ended opportunity to get outside and get active together. 
    • Comprehensive Fitness: Our equipment can be utilized for resistance training, aerobics, calisthenics, cross training, high-intensity interval training, and physical therapy, among other things. It promotes strength, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and agility.
    • Universal Design: Young and old, fitness experts and those new to fitness, KOMPAN outdoor gyms are designed to be accessible for anyone, at any skill level, and with any fitness goal.
    Transitional Kindergarten in California
    Transitional Kindergarten California
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