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Emergency Preparedness

Tropical Storm and Hurricane Preparedness for Elevators

As we near the height of storms/hurricane season, building managers must understand what's at risk if they don't take the necessary safety precautions with their elevators. If your building is in the storm/hurricane danger zone along the coasts, you don't want to put passengers in unnecessary danger in your elevators following a natural disaster. On top of that, taking precautionary care of elevators can prevent significant damage and avoid costly repairs.

KONE has developed a before, during, and after safety checklist to follow in preparation for a storm/hurricane. For example, before a hurricane, it is important to check all sump pumps, float switches, and alarms in elevator pits. During a hurricane, elevators should be parked at the top floor of the hoistway, with the main breaker switched off. After the storm, inspect every part of the elevator for water, and don't turn it on if water is found. Visit our blog to view the entire checklist.