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    Elevator, Escalator and Walkway Maintenance and Modernization Services and Related Solutions


    Current Customers

    How do I convert my current agreement to the new City of Kansas City agreement? 
    Please contact KONE by:

    1. Completing the Contact Us form or
    2. Sending an e-mail to OMNIAPartners@kone.com

    New Customers

    How do I  place an order with KONE?

    • You must be a registered participant to utilize the contract. If not, please Register to Participate
    • To order once registered, send an email to OMNIAPartners@kone.com or call (877) 276-8691. 
    • Your request will be forwarded to Kone’s National Account Team for follow-up within 48 hours.

    How do I know KONE can properly support all of my different types of equipment? 
    KONE currently maintains over 140,000 units in North America. Over 60% of these units were originally manufactured by other companies. Elevators, escalators, power walks, dumbwaiters, handicap lifts and wheelchair lifts are the major products serviced. KONE has a national technical support and training program for non-KONE equipment. If there is a serviceability issue which prevents KONE from being able to properly support a piece of equipment, they will explain the circumstances and politely decline.

    Can KONE obtain parts for my equipment? (We have some very old units.) 
    KONE Spares serves as the national distribution center for the necessary maintenance and repair parts used by KONE Branch Offices. Spares is dedicated to providing parts for all makes, models and ages of vertical transportation equipment. As an independent division of KONE, they have established purchasing relationships with all the major manufacturers as well as dozens of independent suppliers to the industry. They stock thousands of parts ready to ship immediately. If there is a concern about parts availability, this will be identified during the survey process.

    What happens if I have special or unique terms & conditions that are mandated to be included in my contract by our legal staff? 
    By utilizing the contract terms in place, the cycle time for contract approval is reduced dramatically. When public agencies have a need for special terms and conditions, we will address these on a case by case basis.

    What if my elevators and escalators will be coming off of existing contracts on different dates? 
    Multiple or staggered contract dates are not a problem. We are happy to survey and contract for the units that are available now and add units when the current contract expires. This can also be streamlined by using a simple one page rider (Exhibit 4) to add equipment to the existing contract without changing the terms and conditions that have already been established.

    What if we have a unit that is removed or taken out of service or if we sell a building and have to take units off the contract? 
    This is not a problem. We know circumstances will change over the course of a contract and units can be added or deleted from the contract for reasons such as modernization, building closures, unit decommissioning or units that are no longer used. We can also assist with proper and code required decommissioning if needed. This process can be completed by utilizing Exhibit 4.

    Can KONE provide additional services for my capital expenditures needs or does the contract just apply to maintenance? 
    It applies to maintenance, repair, modernization and new construction for all vertical transportation equipment. These scopes are detailed in the master contract and available to public agencies regardless of whether they currently have an active maintenance contract in place with KONE. These services can be utilized on a project basis (individualized/separate) without further commitment from the public agency on other services.

    I noticed that the City of Kansas City agreement has specific MBE/WBE requirements. Do we have to include similar requirements for my contract? 
    No, this is specific to the City of KC agreement. It will be up to each public agency to determine if certain requirements such as MBE/WBE are to be included in their agreement.

    Why should I consider using KONE for elevator services under this contract? Through this program, you receive the following benefits:

    • Eliminate costly, time-consuming RFP processes for maintenance, repair, modernization and new construction
    • OMNIA Partners contract includes discounted billing rates
    • Each agency maintains control and quality of the purchasing process, which allows flexibility to meet their specific needs
    • New contract term establishes a strategic partnership with each public agency that will provide stability and confidence during the life of the contract

    Can you explain KONE’s pricing structure? 
    Elevator maintenance and repair is unique for each customer, so pricing is dramatically affected by age, condition, environment, duty, scope and density. KONE’s commitment is to provide the best value solution after having a full understanding of these conditions and the budgetary needs of the Public Agency. 

    KONE professionals will perform a no cost no obligation survey of your facilities to determine the most appropriate service program to enhance the operation and dependability of your equipment. We will then consult with your team to understand any unique circumstances or special needs so we can develop a value-based proposal that includes options for short- and long-term considerations to provide or enhance safety, reliability, performance, and protect the integrity of your equipment. 

    National labor rates and material markups are identified in Exhibit 3 of the Master Contract.