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    About Spacesaver

    Spacesaver Corporation is entrusted with storing and protecting some of the world’s most interesting and important objects. We’ve completed more than 300,000 installations in the U.S. and around the world, and our clients include a wide variety of organizations, from manufacturers to military bases to museums.

    Our team of in-house engineers, project managers, and skilled manufacturers work with our extensive network of authorized distributors to provide our clients with well-designed, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions.

    We look forward to working with you.

    Tactical Gear Storage Lockers Skokie Police Department

    Compact Mobile Storage

    Compact mobile storage systems free up space for increased productivity, improved organization, and enhanced appearance. Reclaim wasted space—and reimagine the possibilities—by consolidating and compacting stored items in mobile storage systems.

    St Louis Central Library Shelving

    Custom Made Solutions

    Many of Spacesaver’s unique and innovative storage solutions are the direct result of a challenge faced by a client—challenges such as needing more space, requiring increased security, or wanting improved efficiency. Our engineering team routinely collaborates with clients to create storage solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

    File Storage With Large Doors


    Selecting shelving is about more than choosing sizes and colors—it’s about finding the perfect home for important items. Our shelving holds some of the world’s most interesting objects, from rare books to surgical supplies to kegs of craft beer. And it’s manufactured in the USA and contains heavy-duty recycled steel, so our clients’ storage solutions are always sturdy and sustainable.

    Distributor Network

    Spacesaver’s nationwide network of local distributors employs design consultants, sales specialists, and service technicians who are ready to help design, install, and maintain any project, no matter its size or scope. Our distributors often act as liaisons between our clients and their architects and interior designers, providing assistance regarding floor loading, architectural constraints, building codes, and a wide range of other concerns.

    From complementary space assessments, to project design and coordination, to product installation and ongoing service, our storage experts pride themselves on exemplary customer service. We have the expertise to successfully complete any project and we encourage you to contact us with your questions and ideas.

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