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    Every building owner knows its existing elevator and escalator system will eventually have performance issues or reach the end of its useful life. You need to plan for this moment and prepare for an elevator modernization project. Lerch Bates Modernization Services will ensure that you minimize that impact and get a solution that is cost effective, delivered on time and on budget, and fits your long-term plan for the building.

    In fact, including Lerch Bates in your modernization project will typically save you 10% - 15% in total project cost, and you can fully expect to get a 100% return on your investment in engaging Lerch Bates to manage your modernization project. The industry average costs for unplanned change orders on a 10-elevator modernization project is $200K - $400K!

    Modernize on time, on budget and with minimal impact on your building

    Lerch Bates Modernization Services ensure that you will complete the modernization of your elevators with the best possible, most cost-effective solution via a project that completes on time, and on budget, while minimizing the impact on yourself and your building occupants. We will help you “future proof” the building so you can easily adjust to an evolving and competitive market for building occupants, and get cost certainty so you can conduct capital and operating planning with confidence.

    Finally, to the extent possible, we will help you minimize the impact and disruption on you and your building occupants. We do this using three components: Requirements Capture and Design Services, Bid/Negotiation/Award Services, and Construction Administration Services.

    Requirements Capture and Design Services

    Construction Documents are the basis from which the potential modernization contractors will create and deliver their bids, and our Requirements Capture and Design Services ensure that those documents incorporate your goals for the building (performance, tenant experience, VIP services, competitive and market considerations, etc), while also integrating key building impact indicators (elevator use during modernization, noise levels, equipment storage, overtime requirements, etc). We deliver this solution through a group of services that include client discovery, technical surveys, “related work” scope, design report, construction document set delivery, and maintenance service agreement.

    Bid/Negotiation/Award Services

    Having engaged our team to complete the Requirements Capture and Design Services phase, you can now enter the Bid, Negotiations, and Award phase prepared for success. Leverage our expertise, scope, and industry knowledge to select the best service provider for your needs at a price that is optimized for those needs. We deliver these solutions through a group of services that include bid management, award recommendation, and contract support.

    Construction Administration Services

    Finally, we collectively will have identified and captured everything you want from a performance and impact perspective from the project. From here, you are ready to move forward with the construction phase of the project. Our Construction Administration Services include system performance review, schedule development/review/approval, submittal review/approval, payment schedule review/approval, job reports and progress meetings, change order review/approval, final project review and punch list, and communication planning.


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