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    New Design

    Efficiently moving people throughout a building adds meaningful value to any project. Did you know that by improving core design efficiency by just 5%, a NYC commercial office property owner could generate $10M in additional rentable square footage*? In addition, ensuring design coordination and compliance can result in a 30% project cost savings during construction.

    Lerch Bates Architectural Design Services help architects, engineers and building owners optimize core utilization, resolve implementation issues, and account for future considerations of a building.

    *for a 1M sq ft NYC commercial office property over 10-year period

    Optimize Your Architectural Design Needs

    Lerch Bates Architectural Design services play an important role in creating a “successful building” for an architect, engineer or building owner. We have been helping our partners create successful projects for more than 70 years, serving the Design Phase of a building in five key areas:

    Conceptual & Schematic Design

    Lerch Bates will work side by side with you as the building design moves from concept to when it is first presented to the client in a schematic format. We will work with you to develop a building concept that is visually appealing, efficient, and achieves both the financial and use goals of your client, considering peak traffic patterns, average wait time, capacity, average time to destination, mixed use and priority services requirements, and projected population assumptions.

    Design Development

    The transition from concept to final design is an iterative process, and it is critical to have a partner who is responsive and capable. Delays impact project delivery and can reflect negatively on client perception. Fortunately, Lerch Bates is there for you throughout this effort. We update drawing changes that affect elevator and escalator operations, ensure they conform with the design information, provide written recommendations to support timely completion, and support the client throughout the entire process.

    Construction Documents

    The Construction Documents represent what will ultimately become the elevator and escalator solution, serving as the basis for the design and providing the guidelines that will be used by the contractors to bid on and implement the system. Our architect partners can expect, scaled final drawings, performance-based equipment specification, and a preventative maintenance agreement.

    Bidding and Negotiation Assistance

    After delivering foundational Construction Documents, Lerch Bates ensures your client enters the Bidding and Negotiation phase prepared for success. Leveraging our expertise, scope, and industry knowledge, we deliver the best elevator contractor for their needs at a price that is optimized for those needs. Our services include bid management, award recommendation, and contract support recommendations.

    Construction Administration

    Lerch Bates Construction Administration services are designed to provide support for this group as the elevator and escalator solution is implemented in the building. In short, this phase provides peace of mind to the client, delivering a group of services that include submittal review and approval, jobs reports and progress meetings, and final project review and punch list.


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