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    Lerch Bates Inc.

    Elevator and Escalator Consulting

    Elevator Consultants

    Founded in 1947, Lerch Bates is an internationally acclaimed elevator and escalator consulting firm with 35 offices throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and India.

    Our suite of services—which we call “Ownership Asset Solutions”—is designed to support all of your elevator and escalator consulting needs. A team of architects, developers, building investors, owners and managers on the design, sustainability and continuous use of a wide spectrum of building systems for any size or type of building.

    Lerch Bates Ownership Asset Solutions will help you:

    • Design projects that deliver maximum results—on time and on budget
    • Get more out of the services you pay for from your elevator maintenance company
    • Reduce unplanned shutdowns, performance issues, and unexpected costs
    • Modernize your elevator and escalator systems, when appropriate

    About our Work

    We work in a wide range of sectors, including Commercial, Hotel, Residential, Healthcare, Retail, Education, Government, Transportation, Stadium, and Entertainment venues, among others.
    From the elevators ascending to the top of the tallest buildings in the world to the materials moving through the hidden corridors of major hospital systems, Lerch Bates provides our clients with true building insight – a history of delivering results with imagination and integrity.


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